I am a writer and contemporary artist with a focus on exploring existence and the human condition—primarily from a certain philosophical perspective. As an artist, I firmly believe that the work of art is critical in conveying a keen sense of ethical responsibility. Additionally, I also believe that art is the link between the metaphysical and the ethical dimensions in human freedom. As such, I am compelled to question myself, asking: How will I be in the world as a being-in-the-world? And, with respect to the viewer, by disclosing specific elements of the human condition, I am, in essence, asking that viewer „What values are directing your life right now?“

The focus of my work is on the human condition, often derived from my own experience. The work is devoid of glamour, glitz, or anything rooted in a façade of hope. The drawings and paintings are simply expressed in a raw style that does not aim to perplex of confound the viewer. Instead, it aims to draw the viewer into contemplation about her own existence: How she has lived up to this point and what her ontological responsibilities are. Read my Artist’s Statement here.


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